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A bit about me


Originally from Bristol I have lived on the beautiful peninsula of Wirral for over thirty years. My interest and education in art has been life-long. From an early age I loved drawing and painting but beyond A level I didn't follow a career in art until my family had grown up and I was able to commit more time to further developing my skills, learning new techniques and reigniting my passion for painting. I work from my home studio, painting mainly with oils on canvas. As my use of media has evolved - from watercolour to acrylics to oils - so has my style, which combines realism with looser, more expressive brushmarks. My Christian faith speaks into every facet of my life. I see God's creation evident in the boundless beauty of nature and everyday things we see around us and this inspires my work. I love to paint animals & portraits. Capturing expression in the eyes and character of my subject is a challenge and delight. Landscapes are inspired by the estuary coastline, woodlands & fields around where I live and also the beautiful sunsets and clouds that add colour & drama to the skies. In all my work colour and light are key elements.


I have exhibited and sold work locally and nationally. My work has been exhibited at The Station, Richmond, Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham and the Fine Art Trade Guild Gallery, London. My work has featured in Artists & Illustrators magazine. I have participated in the Wirral Open Studios Tour in recent years. I am happy to consider commissions. 

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