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Here are some of the stories, background and inspiration behind my paintings.


This painting was created from a photograph I took looking along the path that runs around the Marine Lake in West Kirby. Shooting into the light gave an almost silhouetted photo, with the colours reduced to nearly black & white. This, I thought would make an interesting painting. I sold the original very quickly and have a small number of limited edition prints available.

monotone painting of path around marine lake


This is one of a number of paintings that I have done of the ponies from a local pony sanctuary. This particular horse is called Carrot, so-called because of her love for carrots! Found in a neglected state like so many of the ponies, Carrot is now thriving & well cared for. This painting, as with previous pony portraits, is for sale with proceeds going to the sanctuary.

horse portrait


This painting was created from a photograph taken in the grounds of a Christian retreat in Cheshire. The gate stood out to me, standing as it was at the top of a rough path. It reminded me of  Jesus' words in the Bible verse in John 10:9 - I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find everything they need.

gate in garden with trees


Red Sky at Night is typical of the beautiful sunsets I see from the back of my house. Especially during the summer months the sky can be lit up with every shade of red, purple, orange and yellow. I have so many photographs of the sunsets and love to reproduce them as paintings. This particular rendition is sold but there are a couple of limited edition prints available,

sunset painting
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